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About Us


Welcome to The Northern Right, a new, online home for Alaska conservatives. Thanks for giving us a look on our debut.

The Northern Right has simple goals. The last few years have seen a revolution in how people find, absorb, and act on the news of the day. In Alaska, left-leaning online platforms have taken advantage of this shift in how people find information. Mainstream conservatives in Alaska, however, have few, if any, like-minded sources to which they can turn for news and opinions unfiltered by the still prevalent traditional media bias.

This website will be an outpost of northern conservative views and discussion on the Internet. It will be a repository of hard-hitting articles, fresh satire, and illuminating viewpoints. More than anything, it will serve as a virtual community, where citizens with similar views can come together and share ideas in a constructive and meaningful way.

At The Northern Right , we will focus on providing a fresh, witty, and conservative take on issues facing Alaskans. Some days this will mean insider reports from the halls of the State Legislature. Other days, it may mean a satirical take on the ample supply of left wing entertainment we are privy to in the Last Frontier. Most days, however, it will mean well articulated ideas with a focus on pro-development, socially conservative values. Our voices will include elected officials, business leaders, media personalities, and maybe you, if you have a story to tell.

We invite you to join us as we start down this road. From time to time we may get it wrong, but, rest assured, we will always get it RIGHT.